The 8 Best Credit Repair Companies In US

Credit repair companies assist in addressing discrepancies on your credit reports and enhancing your credit score by liaising with creditors and major credit bureaus. While self-repair is an option, engaging a trustworthy credit repair service could be advantageous, especially considering individual financial circumstances. Based on our findings, Credit Pros emerges as the top choice among credit repair companies, boasting features like credit builder loan options, a money-back guarantee, and convenient access through their mobile app.

1. The Credit Pros

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Our top pick for Best Overall, The Credit Pros, stands out for its comprehensive offerings, including credit builder loans and lines of credit, alongside excelling in various other reviewed criteria. Prospective clients benefit from a complimentary credit repair consultation, aiding them in selecting the most suitable package from the company’s three options.

Although The Credit Pros does not explicitly detail the types of correspondence it will initiate with credit bureaus or creditors on behalf of clients, it swiftly initiates action. New customers can anticipate the commencement of credit repair services within just three to five business days following enrollment, with the ability to monitor progress conveniently through the Credit Pros mobile app or online portal.

For eligibility for a credit builder loan, enrollment in the Success Plus plan is necessary, followed by an application process. Credit builder loans operate akin to reverse loans, where payments precede disbursement. Timely payments culminate in the establishment of a positive loan account on credit reports across all three major credit bureaus, facilitating credit improvement.

2. The Credit People

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While some competitors provide vague timelines for customer results, The Credit People initiates work promptly, with potential improvements visible within just 60 days. Immediate access to free credit scores and reports upon signup aids in monitoring credit status from the outset, facilitating ongoing progress tracking.

Services include unlimited disputes, credit analysis, creditor interventions, monthly score updates, and credit monitoring. However, certain features, such as credit interventions, are excluded from the lowest-cost plan. The company does not offer identity theft insurance or debt management solutions but provides a six-month satisfaction guarantee for annual service dissatisfaction.

Customer support is available via email, phone, live chat, or support ticketing. The website features educational materials, and progress can be monitored through an online portal. However, a mobile app is not currently available.

3. Credit Saint

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Credit Saint provides a comprehensive package tailored for straightforward credit repair needs, catering to individuals who may not require the extensive features of higher-priced plans. With a robust history since 2004, headquartered in Mahwah, New Jersey, the company boasts a stellar reputation and offers an impressive 90-day money-back guarantee.

The website showcases accolades from various personal finance platforms and includes ongoing credit education resources. Prospective clients can avail themselves of a complimentary phone consultation to determine the most suitable package. Following this, clients receive online access and continuous phone support throughout the credit repair process.

Credit Saint also offers credit monitoring services through its affiliate, Credit Squad, ensuring clients can track progress and steer toward positive outcomes.

4. Sky Blue Credit

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Established in 1989, Sky Blue stands as one of the most seasoned credit repair services in the industry. Offering a comprehensive suite of services, including credit repair, monitoring, unlimited disputes, and debt-management guidance, it aims to enhance clients’ financial habits.

While Sky Blue delivers an extensive range of features and services, its customer service options are comparatively limited. Clients can contact support via phone, email, or support ticket, with live chat or a mobile app notably absent despite the company’s extensive tenure in the field.

It’s worth noting that Sky Blue has encountered recent complaints filed with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). Dissatisfied customers have cited issues concerning customer service quality and inaccuracies in account information.


source : from – stands out as our top pick for dispute services among reputable credit repair companies. Notably, it facilitates unlimited dispute letters on behalf of clients and employs various dispute strategies, including debt validation, goodwill, and cease-and-desist letters, to address issues with creditors and credit bureaus. Additionally, the company conducts CFPB investigations and extends identity theft assistance to clients.

Both plans include a comprehensive credit analysis, unlimited dispute resolution, goodwill letters, inquiry challenges, and credit monitoring. Each client is assigned a personal credit consultant, offering tailored insights into their case and providing assistance when needed.

Although offers customer support via phone, email, and support ticket, live chat functionality is not available. Furthermore, the absence of a mobile app for clients may be noted, alongside one relatively recent complaint filed with the CFPB.


source : from – stands out as our top choice for delivering an exceptional customer experience. Not only does it offer pricing that is friendly to customers, but it also provides various avenues for connecting with customer service, including both phone and live chat support. Clients also benefit from a complimentary credit consultation upon signup and can conveniently track their progress through the company’s mobile app.

It’s important to note that operates under its parent company, Progrexion Holdings, which has received several complaints with the CFPB, some of which involve directly. Dissatisfied customers have raised concerns about excessive fees and difficulties canceling their service. Despite these issues, remains a viable option for those seeking relatively affordable services with accessible customer support representatives.

7. Lexington Law

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Lexington Law earns our top recommendation for its commitment to transparency, setting itself apart by providing comprehensive information on its website and through its customer representatives. Unlike many other credit repair companies, Lexington Law offers detailed descriptions of its services and outlines a clear three-step process for credit repair. Additionally, it offers an extensive FAQ section and extends a complimentary consultation for new clients to address any inquiries they may have.

The company presents three-tiered plans on its website, catering to varying levels of credit repair needs. Clients seeking minor assistance may consider the Concord Standard plan at $95.95 per month, while those with moderate needs might opt for the Concord Premier plan at $119.95 per month. For individuals requiring significant assistance, the Premier Plus plan is available at $139.95 per month.

Although Lexington Law has encountered several complaints filed with the CFPB, it compensates by providing accessible customer service through live chat. Clients can also monitor their progress conveniently through the Lexington Law mobile app or online portal.

8. Credit Assistance Network

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Since 2004, Credit Assistance Network has been dedicated to assisting customers in repairing their credit. While it offers typical credit repair services such as dispute resolution and debt validation, it also provides additional features like credit monitoring, identity theft protection, and access to personal finance tools. Instead of directly rendering services, Credit Assistance Network acts as a liaison, connecting customers with various affiliated companies.

Credit Assistance Network offers three distinct service plans: Money Management ($49 per month), Prosperity Package ($119 per month), and Success Package ($149 per month). The Money Management plan encompasses all essential services, while higher-tier plans include supplementary benefits like medication discounts and guaranteed lines of credit.

Despite its comprehensive suite of services, Credit Assistance Network’s customer service offerings are somewhat limited. While representatives can be contacted via phone, email, and support ticket, there is no live chat feature or mobile app available. Furthermore, the company’s website lacks educational resources, and there is a scarcity of customer reviews online.

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