The 5 Best Cash Advance Apps In US

1.  Dave ExtraCash™

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Dave offers a service called ExtraCash™, allowing you to access a $500 cash advance instantly without any interest charges or late fees. You have the flexibility to utilize this amount for various necessities like gas, groceries, or rent. Unlike requiring a connection with your primary bank account via Plaid, Dave simplifies the process by verifying your Dave-to-Cash App connection through confirming two micro-deposits sent to your Cash App account.

Although instant transfers to Cash App are not supported yet, you can enhance your eligibility for higher cash advances by meeting specific criteria. These include having at least three regular deposits into your Cash App account, maintaining a 60-day history of positive balances, and ensuring total monthly deposits of $1,000 or more. Additionally, demonstrating a consistent income history and responsible spending habits will positively impact your profile.

2.  Brigit Instant Cash

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Brigit’s Instant Cash feature provides qualifying Plus members with a $250 cash advance. To access this service, Brigit utilizes Plaid to obtain your bank information, thus excluding the direct connection of your Cash App account. However, Brigit offers the flexibility of delivering your cash advance to either your bank account (within 1-3 days) or your debit card linked to your connected checking account (instantly, albeit with a fee).

By linking your main account or debit card to your Cash App account, you can conveniently transfer the cash advance funds from your main bank account to your Cash App balance. Approval for a cash advance is contingent upon confirming that your account has been active for a minimum of 60 days, maintains a balance above $0, and receives three recurring deposits from the same source.

3.  EarnIn Cash Out

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EarnIn offers the “Cash Out” feature, enabling you to access up to $750 per month of your earned pay early, with a daily limit of $100, determined by your hourly wage. Similar to Brigit, EarnIn utilizes Plaid to connect to your primary account, which doesn’t support integration with Cash App.

Therefore, you’ll need to link it to a traditional bank account first. Subsequently, you can transfer the cash advance from your main bank to your Cash App account. EarnIn is currently exploring methods to link with Chime®, although this functionality is currently available to a limited number of customers for testing purposes. Keep an eye out, as EarnIn may extend this option to more users in the future, especially if you have a Chime account.

4.  MoneyLion Instacash

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MoneyLion Instacash allows you to borrow between $25 and $1,000, with eligibility determined by the frequency and amount of regular direct deposits into your checking account. MoneyLion recently collaborated with Plaid for bank account linking, which precludes the direct connection of your Cash App account via account number. However, you can manually link Cash App with its associated Cash App cash card. During the account linking process with MoneyLion, you’ll have the option to input your debit card details. Keep in mind, there’s a 2.5% fee for depositing funds into your MoneyLion account using an external debit card, with a minimum fee of $0.25.

Qualification for Instacash can be achieved in two ways. Firstly, you can link your bank account to MoneyLion through their integrated system. Alternatively, you can opt for a “RoarMoney” MoneyLion mobile banking account, which is advantageous for Cash App users. With the RoarMoney account, you have the potential to qualify for a cash advance and can link your Cash App card to your MoneyLion account.

5.  Albert

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Albert is an app that grants access to overdrafts of up to $250. While Albert primarily utilizes Plaid for account linking, it also offers a manual option compatible with Cash App’s account and routing numbers. To qualify for this service, you need to demonstrate consistent income from the same employer over the past 60 days. Additionally, setting up qualifying direct deposits to an Albert Cash account can potentially increase your Instant limit.

Once qualified, you can utilize Albert’s overdrafts for debit card purchases and ATM withdrawals using the Albert debit card. These overdrafts also apply to ACH and other electronic transfers made with your Albert account.

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